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People came with newborn infants to have the Lord Jesus bless them by touching their heads. However, the disciples thought that this activity was improper and told them not to come anymore. Instead of turning the parents away, Jesus asked for the children to be brought to him and stated that God's kingdom belonged to the children.
From Luke 18:15-17

Kids and teens that would like to increase their knowledge and understanding of Christianity may find that the majority of resources are intended for a more adult audience. To combat this lack of relevant information, the website has been created. The links on this page will direct children and teenagers to online resources that have been designed for younger readers. In this manner, a child can learn about Christianity and gain a better understanding of the fundamental concepts that are identified with the religion.

In addition to the learning websites that are presented on this page, there are also links to Christian websites that have been created by children. The content on these pages addresses the specific concerns that a child may have in learning about Jesus and the Christian religion. By allowing children to link to their personal sites, a community of young Christians is constructed and a user has an instant peer network to discuss questions they may have and real life experiences.

The children who use the website share some of their favorite bible verses as well as announcements about events that are happening soon. In addition, fun jokes and riddles are presented for the children to solve. The creation of a Christian website that specifically deals with a child's point of view is a great way to get these children involved in learning about the teachings of Christ and how they can be used in the real world..You may wish to read more about call of duty ghosts aimbot